The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code list is a system that groups similar industries together, regardless of what businesses might try to call themselves in order to get a lower insurance rate. Each business's SIC Code is found on its Business Entity System (B.E.S.) number, along with the federal ID number and address at which the company is registered. SIC codes are used by almost every government agency as a standard system to track businesses.

SIC code structure/aggregation levels

Digit designationAggregation levelexample
alphabetDivisionA-Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing
2Major Group01-Agricultural Production Crops
3Industry Group011-Cash Grains
5Industry Sector0111-Wheat

SIC Divisions

DivisonDivision title
A Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing
B Mining
C Construction
D Manufacturing
E Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services
F Wholesale Trade
G Retail Trade
H Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate
I Services
J Public Administration