Major Group 25 - Furniture And Fixtures


This major group includes establishments engaged in manufacturing household, office, public building, and restaurant furniture; and office and store fixtures. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of millwork are classified in Industry 2431; those manufacturing wood kitchen cabinets are classified in Industry 2434; those manufacturing cut stone and concrete furniture are classified in Major Group 32; those manufacturing laboratory and hospital furniture, except hospital beds, are classified in Major Group 38; those manufacturing beauty and barber shop furniture are classified in Major Group 39; and those engaged in woodworking to individual order or in the nature of reconditioning and repair are classified in nonmanufacturing industries.

SIC Codes that fall in the category of 25 - Furniture And Fixtures

251 Household Furniture
254 Partitions, Shelving, Lockers, And Office And
259 Miscellaneous Furniture And Fixtures
252 Office Furniture
253 Public Building And Related Furniture